Wednesday, November 5, 2008

eating dinner with art

so we picked up art & myrie at the airport tonight & headed to radio maire for dinner. wow. so many amazing stories and just not enough time.

i love it when you meet someone larger than life and they don't know it. he's so down to earth and funny to boot. then you sit him at a table with geoff merritt and they toss stories back and forth about the music industry like a cracked out volley ball game. i was happy to just be able to sit there and eat next to them, much less comfortably chat it up like we've all known each other for years.

if there's one thing you do this week... this month... this year, it should include something with art chantry, and there are plenty of opportunities over the next couple days for just that. designers, music lovers, screen printers, pop culture gurus... this is the place to be.

thank you parkland, renter, parasol, hawthorn & paul young for making this happen!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a big Art Chantry fan. I was the curator of the ART CHANTRY WEEK at ESAD in Portugal:

Regards from Portugal Art!! :) Emanuel Barbosa